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  FAQ question Tue, 23 September 2008 11:36
This is from the FAQ:
Phase 3 Trading Event Asset Tokens
During his trading turn, if a player obtains an Event Asset Token from another player, is he allowed to give it back to this player or to another one?
No, this is not allowed. He may not use this Event Asset Token again during his trading turn. However, he will be allowed to trade with this Token during the trading turns of the other players.
As a consequence, the following action is not allowed:
A has 4 Gladiators.
B has also 4 Gladiators, plus the Gladiator Star Performer Award.
C has one Gladiator.
A obtains the Gladiator from C. As a result, he also obtains the Gladiator Star Performer Award from B. Then, A gives back C his Gladiator &#8230; but keeps the Star Performer Award!

But strictly speaking A doesn't have to give back the same Gladiator. Since A already had 4 Gladiators at the beginning of the phase, it could be one of the 4 original Gladiators he gave back, and thus kept the Gladiator from C.

The FAQ should be reworded, otherwise some players will exploit this.

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Re:FAQ question Tue, 11 November 2008 10:26
Basically the FAQ is correct. What it is saying is trying to prevent what you just described - basically trying to remove the Star Performer from another player B - with no consequences from A and C.

In essence, one cannot trade back and forth the same tokens and/or token types. Even though, in your example, player A got player C's Gladiator, player A cannot then do another trade with player C that basically returns everything back to the way it was before the 1st trade. Trades should try to help both players in some way be able to do their events. Although the Star Performer will help in that aspect for player A, there is really no true benefit for player C in doing the transaction(s).

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