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English tyrant
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Mystery of the abbey PC game? Tue, 24 June 2008 21:56

Has this got anything to do with mystery of the abbey? It's a murder mystery game set in a medieval abbey and the characters look very much like those in mystery of the abbey. Here is the description from the website:
The ambitious project takes adventure fans to the gloomy world of the Middle Ages. An old abbey is the scene of a series of mysterious murders, and only one man can put a stop to the slaughter. In the role of the Grand Inquisitor Leonardo and his assistant Bruno, the player's task is to shed light on the mystery.

In addition to a gripping storyline with many an unexpected twist, "The Abbey" will feature a wealth of technological and graphic innovations. A special highlight will be the innovative presentation of cinematic proportions.

The trailer is here: http://www.strategyinformer.com/pc/abbey/movie/16998.html
Sgt Storm
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Re:Mystery of the abbey PC game? Sat, 22 November 2008 07:26
Doesn't seem to be related. It is a single player adventure game. From what I understand it is more a rip-off of the movie Name of the Rose than anything (the plot line anyway).
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