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November 2004
TTR: The Card Game Online Mon, 22 December 2008 04:46
If this has been discussed, I apologize. I searched the forums, but couldn't find a thread about:

What are the chances of TTR: The Card game being added to the online game offerings? I've been playing online and offline for years here, but just last week got the Card Game. I think this would be a quick, fun online game to add to the offerings.

Zasdert Ultun
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March 2007
Re:TTR: The Card Game Online Mon, 22 December 2008 14:11
I have no idea what DoW's priorities are, but people have been asking similar questions about TTR Marklin, which came out long before the card game. People have also asked about TTR Nordic Countries.

Another thing that would put the two boards before the card game is the fact that they might be able to use the same programing template as the ones currently up. They would have the same game play (generally), just different cards and boards. The card game is very different, so they would have to start from scratch.

Once again, I have no idea where DoW's priorities lie, nor am I a programmer, so I don't know what will happen next. Maybe they're even going for a new game online!
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Re:TTR: The Card Game Online Mon, 22 December 2008 20:48
First, and I think this has been stated before, so if you hear this line, I apologize. Remember that DoW does not have a large programming staff. Basically it is Brice and maybe a few others and that is about it. So thus to get a new program out is not exactly easy if you have a small staff. I should know since I am a programmer and getting an online program to work properly takes a lot of resources, time and energy. Very hard to do if you have a small staff (and I'm assuming here there are more people than Brice and Yann - and I know Yann is the person who does all the web stuff and might only tie into programming staff only because of the web maintenance...)

I do believe DoW does know there are people out there that want to have these items online. Well remember that DoW is a game company and is trying to please their customers. But obviously if they put all their resources into Ticket to Ride, then M44 people will get upset, etc. etc. Thus it is a fine balancing act and they are doing the best that they can.

Lastly, I am NOT a member of DoW and the above are my views and solely my views and opinions. I am a customer just like anyone else.

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