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January 2009
Moving the nobles Thu, 05 February 2009 14:49

I've played a few times this game but I still have some questions about moving the nobles.

1. Is there any rule regarding the order the nobles have to be moved ?
2. If another player has a noble inside his arena can I move that noble ?

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Re:Moving the nobles Sat, 07 February 2009 13:58
The players take turns moving the nobles, then putting on their events. You only get one move (two if you have an emperors box), so you can't move them all, and there is no order. You can move whichever noble you want.

Yes, you can move a noble out of someone else's arena. Keep in mind, each player must put on their event before the next person moves a noble, so moving the noble out of another's arena will only affect them this turn if they go after you.
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