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A new league? Wed, 28 January 2009 20:26
(Note: I know this thread should have been put in TTR Competitive Play but what I have in mind is a league with players that aren't necessarily in the top 100, so I want to maximize my chances of getting your attention)

Here's an idea I've had for some time now, that would likely be a scheduling disaster. Up 'til now, it seems that TTR leagues or championships are mostly based on the 2-player version of the game. After having played a good number of online games I feel that what draws me to TTR is in part the need to adapt strategies to both the number of players (2-5) or the map (US/Europe), so I thought it'd be interesting to have a league that varies along those lines. What do you think?

I'm especially thinking about players like me who aren't stars but want to get better and more versatile across those gameplay variables; in particular the optimal strategy with 5 players is likely to be (at least slightly) different than the 2-player optimal strategy.

So I was thinking about a league of, say, 16 players, where everyone plays against everyone, sometimes with 2-3-4-5 players, sometimes on the US map, sometimes in Europe, with some kind of scoring scheme that aggregates all this.

The major obstacle being 4-5 player game scheduling, I guess it'd take a few months and lots of communication to make a whole season happen, but I'm assuming we all have time (enough to browse these forums anyway)..
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Re:A new league? Fri, 20 February 2009 02:47
I think that is a good idea as well. Im not an awesome player either but i think that it would be a very fun thing to do because you woulnt only get to play more games and a more variety of games, you can meet more friends by doing so. Like barneyg said it might take a while to compose and find people to do so it might be worth it.
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