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League - Lets pay tribute to the best Tue, 03 March 2009 05:13
Lets give the best players the chance, to win the league.

It will make the lower divisions much more interesting.

The proposal:
The winner of the league is not the winner of Division A.
The best 8 players fight for the title.

The system:
The points of each player get a factor.

The Points of league A players will be multiplied with 2.
The Points of league B players will be multiplied with 1,8.
The Points of league C players will be multiplied with 1,6.
The Points of league D players will be multiplied with 1,4.
The Points of league E players will be multiplied with 1,3.
The Points of league F players will be multiplied with 1,2.
The Points of league G players will be multiplied with 1,1.
The Points of league H players will be multiplied with 1.
(In case of different numbers of players in the groups
we have to use the points per match).


The best players in League 1:
1. Deveric (div A) 39,5 x 2 = 79
2. Schwen (div A) 39 x 2 = 78
3. Pegaso (div C) 47 x 1,6 = 75,2
4. Miguel Markes (div B) 39,5 x 1,8 = 71,1
5. Zimo (div A) 34,5 x 2 = 69
6. Cristiano (div A) 34 x 2 = 68
7. Drake (Div C) 40,5 x 1,6 = 64,8
8. U31 (Div D) 45,5 x 1,4 = 63,7
(followed by Deep Blue(61,2),Anu(61),TT(59,4) )

Here the incredible performance of U31 will be honored.
We can see that it is still possible to win the league from
div D.

Here we have Playoffs BO7
1 vs 8
2 vs 7
3 vs 6
4 vs 5
Then the semis and the final.

Together, this will take 3 weeks

Another advantage:
Some players are not happy with the scheduling to play one league after the other.
So they have a pause. The playoffs will take 3 weeks for the best 8 players.
All others players have a 3 week pause.

Alternative proposal:

If this is not wanted, it is also possible to play
it like a Mini Tourney or Quick Tourney.

E.g.: "League 1 Best Players Quick Tournament".

Greetings Goscha

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  Re:League - Lets pay tribute to the best Tue, 03 March 2009 11:15
Sorry, I dont see any sense of the "Special Goscha Trophy", besides you spend a special price for that,... e.g. one day at Goschas... Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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Re:League - Lets pay tribute to the best Tue, 03 March 2009 17:36
I think the winner of div A is the winner.. that's the whole point.. to get up to 'A', after all.

I do like your idea of a system to compare different divisions, that could be very useful in dealing with 'unusual' promotions/relagations.

When I have some time,( or maybe if Zeno feels like it) I'll run through the composites of the different divisions and see if the weighting makes sense... intuitively I think it does, but, as you know, I'm a bit of a stat head Wink

Also, by all means use the results to set up tournaments, sounds interesting and fun... I wouldn't want to hold up the other 70 league participants for an eight person playoff though....

Or maybe even some sort of 'champion's league' at the end of the year with the 6 or 8 best performers of the 3 (maybe 4) seasons we get done in 2009.

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