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Jeu fort très intéressant! Thu, 05 March 2009 14:53
Decipher Incorporated

Warren Holland, CEO
Decipher Inc.
259 Granby Street
3rd Floor
Norfolk, VA

Press Release:
Decipher Announces Launch of Fight Klub Trading Card Game

(Norfolk, VA – March 1st, 2009)
On February 21, 2009 Decipher Inc. (of Lord of the Rings: TCG, Star Trek CCG and Star Wars CCG fame), launched the Fight Klub Trading Card Game, and you will not be able to find a single card in your local game store. By developing a unique web site built specifically to be the home of the Fight Klub community, Decipher is re-inventing the trading card game through a viral marketing model that puts the power in the hands of the players and makes the entire Fight Klub experience accessible to anyone in the world through its website The game is centered around popular movie licenses and players are invited to pit the likes of Hannibal Lecter, John Rambo, Jigsaw (of the Saw film series), Scott McCoy (played by Chuck Norris in Delta Force) and Ash Williams (of the Evil Dead films) against each other in a fast paced brawl with unique game play mechanics never seen before.

Over the past year, Decipher has enlisted the help of their online forum members to assist them in developing the Fight Klub community and everything associated with it. In nearly every aspect, from designing the packaging for a special pack of cards known as the Black Beauty, to the editing of the Rules Document for the game, the online forums have been a workshop and testing ground where everyone has had the chance to be involved.

Those who joined the work from the beginning have been assigned the title Founding Mentor, and everyone who joins the Fight Klub community is known as a Player until they invite someone else to join, in which case they become a Mentor. In order to join Fight Klub, you need to enter the username, or handle, of a member of the community (i.e. ninja).

All the hard work has finally paid off as Decipher announced last week that the cards, packaged in boxes called Kilos, will start shipping this week. The team at Decipher has even taken the time to autograph some of the boxes for those members who have requested it; a tribute to them putting their heart and soul into this game.

The initial release includes the base set known as One, and the first expansion appropriately titled Two. One is the foundation set for Fight Klub; it contains 100 unique cards, including six character cards and a special card essential to game play called The Drop. A complete set of all 100 cards is included in every Kilo of One with a total of 121 cards in each Kilo of One. Also, every Kilo of One comes with energy tokens at no extra charge. Two is a set of 100 unique cards (30 rare, 30 uncommon and 40 uncommon) and a Kilo of two contains ten random rare cards, one copy of every uncommon card and two copies of every common card totaling 120 cards.

Decipher has even made the move of standardizing the shipping rate for every unit ordered. No matter where you live in the world, a Kilo will cost you the same shipping rate.

Fight Klub is shipping now, and is sold exclusively through Decipher’s website

Tell them StreetFighter sent you!

***Désolé si le message est en anglais. Je peux le traduire si quelqu'un me le demande.
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