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  Conversion of my account - codes after this important step Sun, 12 April 2009 22:02
I have already conversed my account, and put all codes necessary to buy access to everything that was available at the moment.

Yet, I still have 2-3 unused codes and I am curious is there any other way to use them after conversion rather than getting new discount coupons?

Will there be possibility to buy access for anything new or should I talk to my friends who yet haven't conversed their accounts and give them mine? (I have already checked and new accounts, registered today aren't allowed to register codes to get access to on-line games).

Please DoW, tell us will there be anything "special" that we will be able to buy in near future?
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Re:Conversion of my account - codes after this important step Mon, 13 April 2009 19:10
No there is nothing planned in the near term future as far as Online games are concerned. The recent updates to Ticket to Ride, Gang of Four and the new M44 Editor took quite a bit of effort already, so further releases are some time away. But your codes can still act as discount coupons toward future purchases (of online or physical games).
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