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April 2009
Luck of the game Mon, 13 April 2009 10:56
My last 2 opponents have started with Vancouver-Montreal, Seattle-New York & Portland-Nashville... I mean how lucky do you have to be to be given those 3 missions???
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November 2005
Re:Luck of the game Mon, 13 April 2009 20:07
Sounds like bad luck.

I think almost all good players would agree that Van-Mon, Sea-NY is the best combo in the game for 2 player, standard US map. Whether Port-Nash adds anything if you keep it in addition to the other two is questionable. A player with 2 unknown tix who is grabbing various northern 6ers is not necessarily a huge threat and a good opp may not react strongly. But a player with 3 tix who concentrates on the key northern 6ers is more of a threat - a good opp may recognize this and start blocking.
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