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October 2004
Back in stock? Thu, 04 November 2004 11:06
Hi there!

I have a question concerning the availability of Memoir'44. I ordered it from a german retailer around June but obviously I was too late since it was out of stock soon. Now, several months later, is it back in stock again so that the game can be distributed to foreign retailers?

Another thing: Are there any changes that have been made to the game/components?

Thanks a lot guys.
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October 2002
Re:Back in stock? Thu, 04 November 2004 17:05
English versions of the products have come out of the factory this past week I believe, so it should be available again very soon. In the US, new shipments arrived in early October and the product has been back in stock at all our distributors since mid-month.

There has been no production change to speak of, with the exception of the miniatures now being packed inside two plastic blisters for protection.
Eric @ DoW
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