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Baron Von Schmidt
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lflv CHEATER IN THE EXTREME Sat, 06 June 2009 02:31
Today played a game with Missmcwood and lflv. Right before the last sale the game was thus.

Miss 30 or so points
lflv 30 points
Baron(myself) 110 points

Order of gems at time of last sale Ambers, Rubies, Diamonds, Emeralds

Miss cards
Diamonds 3, 2, 1
Amber 2
Rubies 3,3,2,1,1
Emeralds 3,1,1

Rings 3 (THREE)

lflv cards were
Diamonds NONE
Amber 4
Ruby 2,2,1
Emerald 2

Thieves 3
Queens Necklace
Ring 2

He sees me get the 3rd musketeer I need to steal the QN from him the turn before.

My cards are

Diamonds not enough (none I think actually)
Amber 5
Rubies not enough (one 2 ruby I think)
Emeralds 2, 2, 1,

Musketeers 3

It's lflv's 2nd to last turn (since he has the cardinal) there are 6 cards left in the deck. First he plays a forger on me asking me to discard and amber. (hoping I will use a musketeeer). I discard an amber and now we are tied at 4. He uses his favorite to move amber to the most favorable postition. He is probably hoping one more amber will come out and he will win them outright. I know there won't be any more since I bought the 17th one the turn before.

He doesn't want me to get his QN so starts to use his 3 thieves on me hoping he hits one of my musketeers. First thief takes my king. (ok that sucked, can't king rubies now). Second thief takes a 2 emerald which now gives him 4 and takes me from 5 to 3 (this also sucks because I was hoping to win that outright by using my alchemist to transmute a ruby to an emerald), His THIRD thief takes what? My freaking Alchemist!

So he gets my king which I really needed to keep Miss score down and my alchemist. Still it's good that he didn't get an amber or a musketeer unless I could have stolen some very good thing from him back.

He buys a 2 diamonds I think and maybe another card? Either way the merchant doesn't come. Whew! And what is good for me a ring shows up! I buy the ring.

Another ring shows up and STILL the merchant doesn't come. Miss action buys the ring. No amber comes up (of course) and nothing else that will help lflv. It's at this point I realize I will actually still win the game thanks to the ring that came up and my 80 point lead over lflv. He will tie on the ambers and he has 2 rings but it won't be enough. He can win the emeralds now using the alchemist but it still won't be enough.

lflv waits until Missmcwoods turn is over and when he doesn't see an amber? You guessed it. he quits.

we are all in the lobby. he comes back in within 10 seconds. resumes the game. we also go in. I ask him what he is trying to do? I think what he was trying to do is see if the turn would start over and something different would happen. So the game started again at the beginning of Missmcwoods. She buys the ring AGAIN.

lflv says it's not his fault if his GAME (not his computer) locks up. I mention how it's interesting it only did it at the last sale and that it's also interesting that he was silent the entire game pretending not to be able to understand and now he speaks. Once he sees he is still in the same position and he can't win???? He Quits AGAIN.

Doesn't come back this time. I'm sure it was his GAME locking up again.

This is the most blatent example of quitting I have EVER seen. Please don't let him go unpunished. DO NOT play with lflv.

Ah and want more proof? He or she has ALREADY changed their name! It is now liberty09 User i.d. is 181421

You can always tell who they are by that. if they change their name trying to hide again I'll keep you updated.

Baron Von Schmidt
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Posts: 235
January 2007
Re:Liberty09 CHEATER IN THE EXTREME Sun, 07 June 2009 01:27
I see now that lflv/Liberty09 has read my post that she has played three games the very next day and amazingly took 3rd place in ALL three! looool.

Since she was ranked 6th and don't suck as a player THAT much the clear conclusion is she is trying to "prove" she doesn't quit just because she is losing.

pffft. pretty transparent. At least it was nice of her to give Crystin a ton of points.

I take back what I said before to some of you. As long as she is going to try to "prove" that what she did was not deliberate then go ahead and play with her and get some free points. Especially those of you a bit lower ranked that actually play MUCH MUCH better than your ranking suggests. Very Happy

i.e. Tunicate, Baroness, express--, and Shono

All four of you are really good players so it kinda sucks to risk losing 24 points for a 3rd place finish
lose 8 points for 2nd and only
Win 8 points for winning the whole game. Shocked

On your side if you
Win the game you get 20 points
take 2nd place and I take 1st you win 4 points (lose 4 points to me, win 8 points for beating the other player close to your score)
take 2nd place and I'm third you win 4 points also strangly enough (lose 8 points to the other player close to your score, win 12 points for beating me)
Take third only lose 12 points.

It's all good. It's a fun game that is seriously undervalued by many of the ttr and GoF players.


CIA menno
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Re:Liberty09 CHEATER IN THE EXTREME Wed, 17 June 2009 01:53
The Baron Reborn wrote on Sat, 06 June 2009 19:27

Especially those of you a bit lower ranked that actually play MUCH MUCH better than your ranking suggests. Very Happy

i.e. Tunicate, Baroness, express--, and Shono

Don't forget me baron im sub 1400!! Crying or Very Sad LOL
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