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January 2008
ALEXA- QUITTER!! Sat, 08 August 2009 20:47
Alexa was just in a game with Mamie and myself. I remember now why I stopped playing this game! Decided to play again a bit and the first game today, we finishh one sale and then ALexa leaves but yet we see her in the lobby for 1/2 an hour (she is still there now). She ignores us and doesn't rejoin our game!! She byt the way had 100+ points, mamie and I had 0 from the first sale.
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November 2003
Re:ALEXA- QUITTER!! Sat, 08 August 2009 21:45
Je suis vraiment désolée, mon telephone a sonné puis des amis sont arrivées chez moi et j'ai totalement oublié la partie.
Je n'ai pas d'excuses, désolée.
J'espere ne pas vous avoir trop mis en colere ni ecoeuré.

A bientot j'espere...
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