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February 2009
Cheating Sun, 19 July 2009 10:18
Where do I report cheating?

I was just in a 2-player Europe game which I won. My fellow player obviously knew that I was going to win and when i finished the game didn't play his last turn and so a bot took over and I won the game.

I assume by not actually losing the game my fellow player only lost karma points and not ranking points
Mr Bean
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May 2006
Re:Cheating Sun, 19 July 2009 11:39
Nope, he/she looses (and you win) ranking points as well as karma.
So this is not considered cheating, 'only' unsportsmanlike Cool .
Olle Boll
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June 2006
Re:Cheating Sun, 19 July 2009 11:47

if someone leaves the game doesn't change the points you are receiving from the other.
But, notice, sometimes when someone suddenly leaves it's because technical problem so normally you wait to see if your opponent returns

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April 2006
Re:Cheating Sat, 22 August 2009 22:12
Today I played in a 4-USA Multi. I drew tics and found Vancouver-Montreal which required only 1 card from Settle. The next player checked out. Then a player called Blanka took the remaining track from Seattle to Vancouver though she did not have Santa Fe (ergo no business in Vancouver) and had 7 cards left, so obviously better options than putting down a singleton. It did not help her to have longest track either. I accused her of looking into my cards and she replied: "I did:P". Very unfair. Blanka should be banned; if that is not possible, every player should know that she cheats.


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Re:Cheating Wed, 26 August 2009 21:21
cat&frog wrote on Sat, 22 August 2009 13:12

Blanka should be banned; if that is not possible, every player should know that she cheats.


It's ridiculous that she did that! I just was looking around my account and noticed something that might help you in the future...

You can add Blanka to your "Ignore" list of users and she won't be allowed to enter games that you create. It won't help if you've joined another player's game, unless they have chosen to "ignore" her too! Confused

Anyway, I hope that helps. Rolling Eyes
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