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Sorry for that game Fri, 26 November 2004 04:04
This is a translation of the original message in French http://www.daysofwonder.com/index.php?t=msg&th=2482& rid=8044&S=9db68f3a0ad951b031ff95bc2491419c&start=0# msg_17421

I have just made my first game of "slating" as stormbringer said. Obviously, one of 3 other players did not really appreciate in the point to leave while he had only 10 wagons has to place.

I had in my hand only 11 points in completed tickets, then if I wanted to bring out there, it was necessary to me to block the opponent. That I did my best! Twisted Evil
The state of the game as it is interrupted:

Player 1 (the one who leaves): 63 points
Player 2: 60 points
I: 52 points
Player 4: 33 points

I thus had hope to baste me if I deprived enough points to the first ones. However, I suspected that the player 2 could finish his routes and win. But we shall never know it.

By ending, know that it was a first experience of the kind. Very interresting! But it is necessary to have routes which justify this strategy. Hope to play again!

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Re:Sorry for that game Fri, 26 November 2004 05:33
hihi .. Very Happy

I see that you enjoyed that ...

it's true that it's a little bit frustrating to play against this strategy, but, it's part of the game...
it's unfortunate that people quit the game just because they were bloqued...

so don't be sorry for that. Laughing
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