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November 2009
I have some qestions Mon, 09 November 2009 00:37
I'm sorry but I not very good write in English but i try to describe what a want to know.
A have some questions about game rules, because in Polish instruction they aren't clear for me:

1) when I bury tresure cube on Treasure Island than brown cubes return on it or take them away and never use again;
2) Can we use Battle or Volley card to the Legendary Pirate, Royal Navy during battle?
3) When somebody use card to send Royal Navy on the island where is one player is it possible in this same time use card to the Royal Navy ca by person which was attaking by Royal Navy (example; one player send Royal Nave to the second player, and this guy use in this time this same card, is it possible after this battle send Royal Navy to other player by this guy which have to be defender);
4) In Multiplayer battle with Legendary Pirate - first pirate attaking the strongest player, than the player attaking him, after this round pirat (on the next volley) attaking first the secondary strongest person and then he attaking him, and etc. to the end of battle)?

Thank you for your help

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Rikugun Shōsa

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July 2005
Re:I have some qestions Mon, 09 November 2009 05:48
Hi Przetra!
I must agree that the Pirate's Cove's rules aren't always very clear. I'll try to help you the best that I can.

1)Treasure Island is a kind of stack where you put all the treasure cubes and the money. If you earn money or treasure cubes, take them from the Treasure Island. If you bury treasure cubes or use some money, just put it back on the island. They are never taken away of the game.


3)In this rare circumstance, both player will be attacked by the Royal Navy. The Royal Navy card must be played right after the players choose their destination.

4)Here how it works when there's more than one person fighting a Legendary Pirate :

The fastest ship attacks first (it may be the Legendary Pirate or a player with the parrot that adds speed). Then the second fastest ship attacks, then the third, etc. When the round is over, it starts over (until the end of the battle or if all the players flee).
For example, if there's 2 players fighting BlackBeard and BlackBeard has the fastest ship. Blackbeard first attacks the strongest player. Then, the 2 players will attack Blackbeard (one after the other, regarding of their speed). New round. Etc.

I hope it helped!

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November 2009
Re:I have some qestions Mon, 09 November 2009 18:38
Thank you for your help

In polish instruction which was translate not very good and i see difrents rules between english and polish version.

But I still don't know one question. I'll try to describe it ones again.
Ones when we play in PC one player send the Royal Navy to the island were was 2 other players. I know that is one special card which send away the Royal Navy to the another island.
But in this sytuacion one of attaking players was the same Event card. And when the one use this card, the second used this same card after him. And my question is: when one player sent to other the Royal Navy and one of players which was attaking have the same card may used them to send the Royal Navy ship to the other player?. After one battle with Royal Navy is possible send (the second time) The Royal Navy to the another player (because one and second player use this Event card one by one) or may (the second player)do this only in the end of next Navigation turn)?

Maybe you understanding my problem
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