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November 2004
Ticket Values Question Wed, 08 December 2004 23:18
In doing my own little obsessive-compulsive analysis of TtR, I noticed something unusual. Normally, tickets are worth the shortest connecting route for the two cities listed: The shortest route from Kansas City to Houston is 5 train lengths, so the ticket is worth 5 points.

There are 3 tickets which do not follow this rule, however:

Sault Ste. Marie-Oklahoma City (9 points, shortest route is 8 )
Los Angeles-Miami (20 points, shortest route is 19)
Seattle-New York (22 points, shortest route is 20)

Are these misprints, or was there a game-design (or possibly historical) reason for the difference?

[Updated on: Wed, 08 December 2004 23:18]

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Re:Ticket Values Question Thu, 09 December 2004 15:29
I think they are "oops" since if you look at the miami - la card,
you would think it is worth 20 via the route of LA - El Paso - Houston - New Orleans - Miami.

Obviously if they did a shortest path routine on all the routes, they would have probably seen that oops.
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