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  theDesperate: reaction after two lost games in a row Thu, 12 November 2009 02:02
theDesperate schrieb am Sat, 12 November 2009 17:21 in a PM to Mudda

I do not leave games early (win or lose). I got disconnected by my internet provider. Evidently you decided to play on. It will be the last game I play with you. tprail


You are even more desperate than we all thought, You left 1/10 of a second before game was over 1/100th before I lay last track and it was clear to the bone that you LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE, it was not the first time in our games...

besides: i saw your carma at 96 before our game after it was at 91 Shocked , it might be a hobby of you leaving games before they end - several players noticed that in the past too, dont tell me sth about pc crashes - ridiculous just like your post here!


You put me on ignore list so I write you this little love letter dear tp

I dont care if you play me once more cause i wont learn anything in our games and soooooooooo many other players out there... and THEY DONT QUIT !

regards and in love Twisted Evil


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Re:theDesperate: reaction after two lost games in a row Thu, 12 November 2009 12:46
Is it possible that tp could not play from some moves earlier than you 'saw' him being replaced by a bot?
Then from his side it would seem that he gets kicked out, let's say 6 moves from the end and from your side it looks as if he gets replaced much closer to the end?!?

I have had games before where i think this happened (sometimes you can't make any moves but you can still see your opponent chatting e.g.) and it would seem a better explanation, since i don't think tp is a quitter at all.

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Re:theDesperate: reaction after two lost games in a row Thu, 12 November 2009 14:09
I have been considering whether or not to respond since I saw this post last night. I think some explanation is reasonable but I do not want to get into a lot of public discussion. I guess I will offer my views and then step away.

Last night, I guess I had the occasional internet issues. I was dropped from one game near the beginning. When I got back in, the other player had aborted (much appreciated). Then I played 1 more against Mudda and lost. Then the game in question.

I had SF-ATL,LA-HEL (not a good combo). I think he might have had LA-MIA (but I am not sure - I never saw the end). I played LA-ELP and (I think) he played 6 pink on DUL-TOR. After I played NO-MIA, he played MIA-ATL. I played the HOU-NO pair and then he played LA-SF and LA-PHO (I was really hurting). Anyway, I still was going to try for LA-HEL and after it was also blocked (He played PHO-DEV, I played HEL-SLC, he played SLC-DEN, I played LA-LV, he played LV-SLC). I decided to just go out quick and played 6 blue. (I remember having 13 left, I had 4 white, 3 orange, a couple locos and a couple of pairs) I played a pair to get in his way, then when he played KC-?, i decided to play 4 orange (KC-DEN) and then 5 white (SF-SLC). He would need 3 turns to complete so it would come down to track points and negative tickets. The score was 90+ me and 60 or so for Mudda. I played the 4 orange, and he played KC-OKL. I played the 5 white but at the same time got the "disconnected" message. When I got back in, I found the final score 93-66, so the bot must have not played the 5 white, Mudda must have finished and connected something.

Perhaps I should have just ignored the incident. However, my reaction was to PM Mudda with my view - which was that I thought he was unreasonable and I guess I would choose not to play with him (He has posted my PM). I did not expect to be called names and attacked by him in public. Some people may find it light-hearted, but I was actually bothered by the post.

Tom (tprail)

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Re:theDesperate: reaction after two lost games in a row Thu, 12 November 2009 17:52
tprail, mudda and all

I was the player tprail was playing when he was kicked out early. We'd just gotten tix selected and things obviously weren't right on his end for the connection.

As a person who ALSO often has connection issues - a curse of living in a rural area - I would hope there might be a bit more understanding on the part of others who might be more privileged to have excellent internet on a shiny new computer. And, in fact, many people have been very kind regarding this.

So, at the very least, I can vouch that during the time period of this supposed incident tprail WAS, in fact, having connection troubles.

It is also a fact that we don't always see the moment someone gets replaced by a bot - especially if it is later in the game and you are concentrating on play - not display nuances.

Regardless, it might have been nicer if this could have been handled privately between the two of you. If I read correctly it sounds like tp did have connection troubles and mudda wasn't aware quite in time to stop play. no one seemed to be intentionally trying to take advantage of the other.

my 2 cents
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Re:theDesperate: reaction after two lost games in a row Thu, 12 November 2009 20:38
I'm personally not aware about what happened last night between Mudda and tprail and I wouldn't jump into this conversation (not my business), until the message of genuinefauxfarm motivated me.

We're all often experiencing connection problems, that either affect the speed of the play, or put in risk the entire game. Since we're all playing for pleasure, joy and fun, I beg all those players who experience connection problems, not to open or join games. This is not only the way to avoid misunderstandings, but is also good for the mental health of the opponent.

All the ins-outs ins-outs ins-outs, make my nerves shake and please remember the last time you were playing against a 1500er or so, and the phase of collecting cards lasted 15 minutes.

Until you resolve your DSL issues, please try not to push others' nerves to the edge.


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Re:theDesperate: reaction after two lost games in a row Thu, 12 November 2009 21:02
All the LA LV SLC MIA blablabla I cant follow - but I can remember the fact. I blocked You from San Atl AND your 2nd tic and then you tried to block me from LA-Mia (which I obviously had - thats why i KNEW you had San Atl)
Quite successfully I made it through the middle and you didnt have purple for the 2er to block me - no fast end possible for you! And how is it possible that your name WAS NOT changed into "BOT" till MY LAST MOVE?! You were quite trying to block me till the end - I remember exactly...

As mentioned you disappeared 1/10 of a second before game was over. Dont blame me for playing vs BOTS, ask whoever in this lobby, I even repeated games in NC clashes when that happened (e.g. vs AT last year) with good views to win... or OlleBoll a few days ago...

It might happen from time to time, we all hate the "socket error" and "you got disconnected" buttons but as we in Germany say your disappearance b4 the cruel end fits into the mirror, you dont say hello, you dont say have fun b4 the games or anything FOR A LONG TIME when I enter your games, you were just on search for a reason to put me on your ignore-list and thats MUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAH ... NOT SAD ENOUGH for me Very Happy

Come on tp - wake up, even when you wont play ME, live goes on ...
BAM Vballman20
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Re:theDesperate: reaction after two lost games in a row Mon, 16 November 2009 00:14
I don't know what exactly happened, nor do I care. It doesn't matter that tp is on my same NC team, and that is not why I am commenting on this post.

The reason I post at all, as I usually try to not get involved in conflict, is this:
If I recall correctly, one of the first posts you come across upon entering this forum is: 'Personal Attacks are NOT allowed'
Mudda, if you have an issue with tp, send him a PM and resolve it that way. If you want to call him out like you have done to other players in the past as well, do that via PM.

Do not pollute the forums with this garbage. There is no need to go after someone in the forums who has been a legitimate player and someone that we have all played against for quite sometime now. Tp is an honest player and someone that has played individuals at all levels. He has not discriminated and has not gone after people. He has even owned up for his losses in NC when he has not come through.

Use the time you have by making more constructive posts. Don't attack someone when you don't know the whole story. I have recently had connection issues as my MWC group can attest, and I have a great internet connection here. Yet, somehow the other night I had connection issues for about an hour. Give someone the benefit of the doubt, don't just attack someone because you defeated them in a game that you feel is legit, especially when the player has as good of a track record as tp.

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Re:theDesperate: reaction after two lost games in a row Mon, 16 November 2009 15:51
UEG-Mudda schrieb am Thu, 12 November 2009 02:02

You put me on ignore list so I write you this little letter...

Dear theDesperatesupporter20, can you read? Did you try sending PM when somebody sets you on ignore list? Try out and think about posting twice before you do... Besides: HE ACCUSED ME of PLAYING VERSUS BOTS, maybe you write tp a PM in which you ask him to default this if you are auch a good referee - btw why did you answer on this thread, although (I thought) its already case from yesterday!? Confused
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