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Re:Ethics in T2R Thu, 19 November 2009 21:41

I am president of this club...
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Re:Ethics in T2R Thu, 19 November 2009 21:53

you want me to tell you names? LOL!
I hear a lot about others but I can keep secrets. I just said, there are too many people who talk in a bad way. About talking during games... - you think I am the only one who think that? I am just the one who write it!

Ah and nice last sentences from you. It shows you really don't know me Rolling Eyes
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Re:Ethics in T2R Thu, 19 November 2009 22:04
So you are accusing (a) player(s) whose name you don't want to mention, which makes the whole accusation a hollow phrase.

But the negative connotation remains. Speaking of netiquette...
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Re:Ethics in T2R Thu, 19 November 2009 23:23
Hi Bassie,
great post, I must say (your orignal one).

@your criticism towards Nay:
I think she's doing the right thing.
The poeple concerned should habe a chance to decide on their own, whether they want to be mentioned here or not.

One of the rather hard discussions she's referring to (and yes, I saw some, but I won't call names either when I'm not involved)was Dennis aiming at dea yesterday.
Believe me, you don't want to know the details, it's not worth it.
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Re:Ethics in T2R Fri, 20 November 2009 02:31
Interesting Thread Smile

I, like Drake, am American, and have played many 'deal-making' games, where bluff, trash-talk, whining, and the like are essential... heck even Risk is, at it's heart, all about convincing your opponents the other guy is winning for as long as possible.

I'll all for gamesmanship, like taking a bit of extra time, or even drawing a card or playing a route you don't need to attempt to get your opponent to block a ticket you don't have, or draw when they have you beat already.

I've definately allowed opponents to be led astray in the chat, when they ask me something.

Out and out, lying, however, I wouldn't do.. not just because it's unethical, but it's ineffective. You can only do it once, then you lose all chance to effect play at all.

Also, that being said, I only use such tactics against 'good' players, mostly people I know.. otherwise, the subtlely is lost and you don't get to gloat about it later.

I would never critize an opponents play, unless they were a very close friend... That's the worse sort of bad sportsmanship IMO. I love trash talk in some situations, but if the person you're trash talking isn't someone you know, it's far to likely to be taken the wrong way.

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Re:Ethics in T2R Wed, 14 April 2010 22:55
I was reading some old posts and came upon this one and wanted to add my own two cents worth. We have a couple of sayings in poker and one is: "The cards speak for themselves." Game play speaks for itself and I pay no attention whatsoever to what is said in the chat area other than to greet players and wish them luck and to have fun. I occaisionally comment about a game after it is all the way over. Other than intentional slow play, an opponent can make all of the comments that they want. I just ignore them. The play on the Board speaks for itself and it is that play which is the basis for my decisions.

Sometime Bean talks about the fact that if it is not forbidden in the rules (blocking) then it is legal. The designer left chat mode during gameplay as a part of the TTR online experience. Nowhere is there a disclaimer that says that the chat feature may ONLY be used to discuss connection problems or phonecall interruptions. Therefore if it is not forbidden, then one must conclude that it IS part of the game my opinion not unethical.
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