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Terrain Cards Mon, 14 December 2009 16:11
l have recently bought Memoir '44 plus 5 expansions & other W/D board.

l am now checking the Cards Compendium for Terrain & l have numbers 63 & 64 missing also Nation cards 5 & 6, are these cards printed in any of the expansions yet.

Also Terrain card number 65 Abatis in my expansion is number 66 & when you open the card details here it is number 66, is this a error or is there no card 65.

[Updated on: Mon, 14 December 2009 16:26]

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Re:Terrain Cards Mon, 14 December 2009 22:43
They're enclosde with Sword of Stalingrad. Another reason to get that expansion (in addition to the Combat cards and great scenarios).
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