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January 2010
  What3David's Homemade Race Mon, 01 February 2010 08:13
Quicklings: (5/10)

"Now you see them...Now you don't!!!"

- When the enemy conquers one of your Regions, you have the CHOICE to escape to an adjacent Region you also occupy. If you do not occupy an adjacent Region return all Quickling tokens (NOT just ONE) from the conquered Region to the storage tray.
- 5 units
- It is important that everyone recognize it is a choice to escape. If the player wishes to be conquered then they may do so, losing JUST ONE Quickling Token like most other races. ONLY when cornered do Quicklings lose all the Tokens occupying that Region.
- Cornered = having no adjacent Region to escape to.
- Sorry if this is getting redundant I just want to be clear.

Interesting Special Power issues and Balance issues:

- Bivouacking: Take encampment back in hand when escaping and redeploy at the end of the conqueror's turn.
- Dragon Master: Dragon Master would be especially devastating to Quicklings if the enemy was able to corner the Quicklings, and subsequently use their Dragon to take their last Region with one token.
- Flying: Quicklings would be able to escape to any Region they occupy, not just one that is adjacent. This is based on the same concept as flying sorcerers.
- Fortified: Return the Fortress to the Storage Tray if abandoning a region.

- VS. Sorcerers: Quicklings treat the Sorcerers racial ability as unavoidable, therefore they CANNOT escape to an adjacent Region. I came to this conclusion after considering that Trolls in Lairs, Elves, and those Races in Fortresses are not protected from this power.

*I am still play testing this race, but I find it to pretty fun so far and am tweaking it as necessary*

I am looking for feedback of any sort. If you hate it please tell me why, and if you love it do so as well. If you think it okay, that is fine too.
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Re:What3David's Homemade Race Tue, 02 February 2010 00:30
I like this one, except the name. I think you should find some fantasy name or elvish translation for a fast or quick being.
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January 2010
Re:What3David's Homemade Race Tue, 02 February 2010 00:57
I think you are right, I have been trying to find a different name from fantasy, or mythical tradition...but nothing good is coming to mind. I actually grabbed the name from R.A. Salvatore's Dark Elf Trilogy, when Drizzt (the main character) knocks out a quickling with a plow...haha
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January 2010
Re:What3David's Homemade Race Wed, 17 February 2010 06:25
Your the man Dave, keep it Quicklings, and get ready to use my homemade Dice tower this weekend
Love Brian
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