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A draw and the coin stack issues Mon, 19 July 2010 15:50
Hi all,

Issue 1)
It doesn't happen that much but in one of the previous games I played we ended in a tie both having 85 points.
In the end screen the starting player was pronounced the winner.
It's a minor thing but still ...

Issue 2)
In a two player game (so no AI) it is possible to see the level of victory coins of the opponent while in a game vs the AI this is not possible.
I believe it should not be possible to peek at the coin stack of the opponent but at least it is currently not consistant.

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Re:A draw and the coin stack issues Tue, 20 July 2010 17:24
1) Yes, it should indicate a tie ideally. You're correct - and shouldn't have suffered a virtual loss. Very Happy

2) The difference is that int he first instance the other player wants access to his score (and won't let you look at it, because he will cup his/her hands over it when taking a peek); whereas the bot could not put its hand, so what he does is look at his score without letting you do the same if you tap on his coin. It is thus as it should be (ie you're not allowed to peek at your opponent's score). Cool
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