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General Skeffington
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August 2010
New player question Sat, 14 August 2010 12:50

I have had the game for a short while and have a couple of questions which I hope can be answered.

I have only played Pegasus bridge and am a bit confused about the victory medals placed on both bridges.

When I played with my son he moved his Axis unit onto the bridge. What happens with the medal? Does he claim this? If I then defeat the unit, is the medal returned to the bridge or is it returned to the box? If I as the allies claim the bridge and the medal but am later defeated, again, what happens with the medal? Does the axis player have any claim on the bridge victory medals or are they only for the allies player to claim?

I am really keen to play through this scenario again but with the uncertainty about the victory medals, I am currently playing without them.

Thanks in advance,

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Re:New player question Sat, 14 August 2010 13:33
The answers are in the briefing.


Conditions of Victory
4 Medals
An Allied unit that captures a bridge hex counts as one
victory medal. Place an objective medal on each of the
bridges. As long as the Allied unit remains on the bridge
hex, it continues to count toward the Allied victory. If
the unit moves off or is eliminated, it no longer counts.

The Allied objective is to capture and hold the bridges, the victory medals on the bridges represent this success.

The way I have always played it:

Only the Allies can hold the bridge victory medal.
If they occupy the bridge the medal goes on the Allies Victory Medal chart (on their edge of the board). If they leave the bridge (for any reason) the medal goes back on the bridge.
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