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small world on ipad question Thu, 09 September 2010 22:13
How does one change the playing style on the Ipad? The first time I played the game, it asked me if I wanted face to face, or side to side. I chose face to face, as a friend and I were playing on it across a table.
But now with single player introduced, how the heck do I change it back to side to side? It is a bit annoying playing the computer, and seeing what he's doing upside down...

I can't seem to find any option to change.. any suggestions?

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Re:small world on ipad question Thu, 09 September 2010 22:19
The change between face to face and side by side is simply driven by how you hold your iPad. If you hold it up, it plays in side by side mode. If you lay it flat on a table, it automatically switches into face to face mode.

Neither modes have the pieces orientated all the same way though. Each side has its own orientation (and it actually makes it easier to distinguish which pieces belong to who, when there's lots of races on the board).

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