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Hordes of skeletons... Bug?? Tue, 14 September 2010 03:14
Hordes of skeletons are still limited to 20 including the hordes tiles. Should it allow the 20 skeletons tiles plus the two hordes tiles? I think so. Instead I wound up with 17 skeletons and three (!) hordes tiles. I think it is a bug. Thoughts?
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Re:Hordes of skeletons... Bug?? Tue, 14 September 2010 19:04
Yes, there are several known bugs involving Hordes Of anything. This has been fixed in the upcoming release 1.1.1 which was submitted to Apple recently. We are waiting for their approval for this new version (which also includes other fixes) to become available to everyone, unfortunately the timing of it is now out of our hands. But it should be coming soon.
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