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November 2010
Bug report, Stout + Amazon Wed, 01 December 2010 15:44
when the active race is stout amazon, normally the race can decline at the end of the turn.

However, the bug occurs if the player click decline when only three amazons were automatically pulled back from the map at the end of the turn, waiting for the player to abandon one more region, the game can no longer proceed. The system is waiting for one more amazon but now all declined amazons are fliped.

The system should disable decline until four amazons are collected.

I'm not good at English. I hope what I said is understood. By the way, any bonus for reporting the bug? It will be so great if I can get $6.99 + $1.99 + $1.99 back, haha.

Anyway, it's a good game and thank you for develop it. I will continue playing it with friends and post something here
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Re:Bug report, Stout + Amazon Wed, 01 December 2010 21:08
Thank you for your report, and don't worry about your English - it's just fine!

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