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On screen prompts Sun, 12 December 2010 22:07
I know an on screen prompt appears when you do not order all the units you can with a card and asks if you wish to procede.

Can a prompt be added to the Online game when you have not moved all your units.

The only reason I ask this is because this had happened to me a couple of times:

I order my units then advance to move units then skip to the battle phase before I have moved any units. In a recent game I played Armor Assault and skipped the move part of the turn so instead of launching a devasting attack ended up firing 3 shots - ahhhhhh!!!

I may be clicking too fast, but it would be nice to have such a prompt "You have additional units you may move - are you sure you wish to procede" as is done when ordering units.
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Re:On screen prompts Sun, 12 December 2010 22:21
Sounds good as long as you can make it optional.

Maybe you should have added this idea to the Feature Request Log
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