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Re:Ambush + Move Sun, 11 July 2010 18:59
No this wouldn't work satisfactorily because you don't know beforehand which unit(s) you'd want to attach the trigger to, and you will be frustrated when you change your mind and this 'event' is caught too late by the network.

But the issue isn't anywhere as big as you seem to think it might be, sincerely. I know it's not a fair answer, but you should wait until you've played the computer version to form an opinion on how well it plays (or not).

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Re:Ambush + Move Fri, 24 December 2010 02:03
Sorry for the thread necromancy, but this is still an issue. I got hit with the bug today. Opp. moved two armor adjacent so I readied ambush. Computer selected one armor but opp. attacked first with the other, my unit is then wiped before Ambush goes off and I lose the card as well. Not good.
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Re:Ambush + Move Tue, 28 December 2010 17:10
The easiest solution is to just remove the Ambush card from the deck, I't has never done what I intended,(I have only drawn it 3 times, but that is still 100% failure rate)and so serves only to reduce my command hand. I would rather have the extra command card and know that nether side will be playing ambush.
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Re:Ambush + Move Tue, 28 December 2010 17:48
I don't understand why it doesn't popup and ask you if you want to ambush as each attack is being declared. Yes it would slow the game down and yes it would have to pop up and tell you you have no ambush card click OK so the pause would not tip your opponent but it seems pretty simple to do. For the developers to say it can't be done seems silly, it has not problem asking you where you want to retreat.

The way it works now is ok if your goal is to play the game quickly but it can be very variable. In games where you only have 4 command cards and the scenario is such that you are unlikely to have lots of close combat missing a chance to play because the computer choose the wrong order can be fatal.
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