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More map Thu, 30 December 2010 22:25
How i can unlock more and mor other maps??
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Re:More map Thu, 30 December 2010 22:47
We will progressively add more scenarios to the list, just like we did with the recent Juno Beach one, but for now our focus remains on finishing the base game (including the Expert mode, which will provide access to Scenarios from the front, and official scenarios that have not been coded for release in "normal" - ie rules-enforced - mode yet).

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Re:More map Thu, 30 December 2010 23:16

Do you have to incorporate the rules of the game in each and every map or do they come seperately?
This of course with the map editor in mind that hopefully we all will be able to use one day.

The expert mode excludes the software to obey the rules of the game, once available.
But if enforcing these rules are in the client or on the server and thus seperate from the scenario, why isn't the software doing this in expert mode?

best, Scrag
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