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from the graphic point of view Thu, 13 January 2011 23:40
Hi, like the game a lot ! Congratulations!

Lot`s of the boardgame feeling has been transformed to the computer game.

Some suggestions:

- make the board bigger and more simple ( I dont need to see how much cards my opponent has all the time, too many windows)

- i like the animations and sounds, but miss some sounds f.e for hits/ losses

- card draw animation a bit too overdesigned (esp. zoom)

- animation for end of turn / your turn bit to overdesigned as well

- shadows seems to come from several directions, reduces 3d effect

If you have played the boardgame before, the computer game is perfect.

If not you may have some difficulties to start.

You may ask yourself why those scenarios or battles has been picked out of the context.

Thats why i would not divide between Play/ play solo and expert mode
and would instead suggest a map and a timescale to choose the scenarios from.

(f.e zoom into the french map and click the battles you would like to play or choose the battles on a timescale with some kind of filter function - or a combination of map/timescale)

On a map, campaigns can displayed very easily as well.

Some things i miss:

- change your move before you hit the done button

- after the battle it would be nice to have a look on the final battle map again,
just to discuss strategies/ results with your buddy (f.e via skype)

thanks for the graet game!

-= Crew =-
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Re:from the graphic point of view Fri, 14 January 2011 12:58

Thanks for your feed-back. Your "War Maps" section is very interesting. Obviously, we won't have the time to implement it in 1.0, but we'll have to think about this. Like you said, it could also be used for some kind of Campaign mode.

Have fun with the game!

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