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Possibility of "free" publicity with "board games with Scott" Sun, 30 January 2011 12:27
looking forward to the new game and i think you will have another winner here

Not sure how many people over the years have followed the games reviewer site "Board games with Scott"

I like many others have found this video review site to be extremily helpful in deciding wether of not to buy a particular game. (A pity has has decided to move on to other projects)

He has decided to do one more game review to help raise funds in support of tom vasel. Details below.

As a means of raising awareness of the new game and some good publicity i thought the DOW staff might be interested in bidding for a "free" games review that he is offering.

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Have a video made on the game of your choosing!
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Have a video made on the game of your choosing!
Tom Vasel, one of the inspirations for Board Games with Scott, recently lost his 2-month old son and is facing significant hospital bills. There is a fundraising auction going on right now for him.

I have donated a board game video on the game of the top bidders choosing.

So, if you are a publisher or designer wanting to get the word out about your game or just have a favorite game you want the world to know about, here is your chance.

You can bid on this at
http://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/63654/item/1557385#ite m1557385
through February 7th.

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