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M'44 players in Oberammergau ? Wed, 20 October 2010 10:53
Is there any player in Oberammergau - Germany ?
(or in the vicinity).

I will be there for two weeks (31st of October to 12th of November 2010) and will have time each evening to meet and battle with M'44 base game (or expansions) any volunteer.
Sorry I don't speak Deutch (as a good French I am)! Smile

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Re:M'44 players in Oberammergau ? Sat, 19 February 2011 19:04
hi JD,

quite right, as a good Frenchman not to seapk German.

I really can not speak French,,,,
would have loved to play an expert like yourseld.
unfortunatily Iam in Thailand , enjoying everthing here but for lackof gamers.... sigh..

and my poor little netbook has win7, and I amnot sure about messign with the system ... yet...

but if good luck brings you to Bavaria again, I will gladly meet you for a drink and a game or three.

PS my normail nick is "maimed" but I get the gast-thing , and at hope I have the previous beta version installed adn love it.. see you nexttime mate
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