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Ticket to Ride 1.1 for iPad is now available Sat, 09 July 2011 13:43
We just released version 1.1 of the iPad game, featuring a new Pass-and-Play game mode and numerous improvements:


THANK YOU to all the reviewers on the iTunes store, our forums and BGG who provided us with valuable comments. We are working hard to implement many of these suggestions. Here is a complete list of the improvements made in the current release:


- Pass-and-Play: you can now play alongside up to 4 of your friends with your iPad! Select the "Pass & Play" option when creating a game, and tap on the characters to add players. Tap on the character's name to enter your friends' names. You can even mix real players and robots for added challenge! Tap again on a character to toggle the "BOT" icon.
Pass the iPad to the next player when his/her name is displayed. You can view the actions taken by others on their previous turn by looking at the icons in each character's panel at the top of the screen. If a player claimed a route, tap and hold on his/her panel to highlight this route and see the cards that were played.


- You can now mute voices. Go to the Settings controls in the Mechanic's room to do so.
- You may skip various animations by tapping the screen, such as the start-up animation when launching the game or the Ticket completion animation.
- You may also skip the end-of-game animation by using the fast-forward skip button on the side.
- Better support for colorblind players: in zoomed-in mode, the map now shows the card icons on the tracks. To play in zoomed-in mode, double-tap on the map.
- Buttons in Central Station now have names for easier navigation.
- You can now set the number of players when creating an online game from the Restaurant.
- When you choose Tickets, cities of the currently selected Tickets are highlighted in blue for easier planning before confirming your choices.
- Just-in-time log in: to avoid problems for players with poor Wi-fi connections, Ticket to Ride now logs on to the Days of Wonder server only at the last moment, and only when necessary. We also added an automatic quick recovery in case of connection loss, so that you can jump back into your online game right away. Network connection errors are also better handled.
- Several crashing bugs have been fixed (e.g. trying to claim a city that was already claimed on the European map).
- Various user interface usability improvements.
- Various fixes to enforce some games rules in Solo mode (e.g. number of Tickets proposed in USA 1910 Mega and Big Cities games).

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Re:Ticket to Ride 1.1 for iPad is now available Wed, 13 July 2011 21:41
I can't get this game to play at all unless I say I want to purchase it. I already paid to purchase it a couple of months ago. Do they expect me to pay for it a second time because their "upgrade" makes it unplayable on my iPad?
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Re:Ticket to Ride 1.1 for iPad is now available Fri, 29 July 2011 20:35
If you purchased the game earlier, simply click on Upgrade (or Upgrade All) in your iPad App Store and the new version will automatically download and upgrade itself.
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