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New Characters!! Tue, 01 March 2005 09:09
Just thought I should let somebody know I just put up some ideas for new characters on the board, especially since this is the first post since late '04. I just got this game recently, I wish there were more players for it online. Eric, any ideas to resuscitate interest in QN? I know you can't go into numbers, but how are the sales on this title? Any chance of an expansion? Thanks as always for a great website and wonderful fan support.
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Re:New Characters!! Tue, 15 March 2005 02:48
Thanks for the new character card suggestions. I've now validated them so people can see them.

At this point there are no plans to do an expansion of Queen's Necklace. We love the game and it continues to sell steadily, but not as fast as we had hoped.

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Re:New Characters!! Mon, 21 March 2005 20:58
You need to market QN in women's magazines in the states. The women I know that usually shun board and card games go after this one a bunch. Don't know if it's the art or what, but when they see it on the shelf in my house they immediately pull it down and start reading the rules.


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