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AI Keeps Freezing on me Thu, 01 December 2011 01:24
I just purchased the T2R PC application and, so far, out of 5 games, I've had 4 of them freeze up on me halfway through the game. The application is responsive, but the AI just stops in the middle of it's turn. I've tried waiting it out, aborting a game shutdown, etc, and nothing works.

This is most frustrating and if I cannot fix the problem, this one's getting returned for a refund.

Win 7 64 bit
Java is up-to-date
Nvidia 9800M w/ most recent drivers
Intel Core2 dual processor 2.26 ghz
4 gb memory
Conexant High Definition SmartAudio221 driver

[Updated on: Thu, 01 December 2011 02:11]

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Re:AI Keeps Freezing on me Thu, 01 December 2011 07:58

This is odd.

Could you please use the following page to contact us?


It contains instructions on how to send us the log files of the application. This could give us some hints about what is going on.

Thanks in advance,

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October 2004
Re:AI Keeps Freezing on me Fri, 02 December 2011 16:51

I think I solved the problem, but still need to play the game some more to verify it's working properly.

The problem, I'm pretty sure, is that the application is programmed to write log files into a protected directory, namely Program Files. Windows 7 is generally quite fussy about providing access to this directory and it was not allowing the T2R application (which was not running with admin rights) to create the OUTPUT.LOG and ERROR.LOG files in its installation directory. I'm pretty sure this is a no-no and you probably should consider modifying this behavior, even if it turns out not to be the issue.

To test if this might be the problem, I ran the T2R application with admin rights (my normal account is NOT an admin account). The log files were created and the application seemed to run fine.

Once I verified this, I uninstalled the program and re-installed it to a non-protected directory (c:\games\Ticket to Ride Online). I haven't had any problems with the game (running in non-admin mode) since doing this.

Again, you should seriously consider changing the application so that it writes files to the proper locations (such as "Documents\Ticket to Ride Online").

I'll post more if I encounter any further problems.
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