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Tried stations on iPad- not getting it Tue, 03 January 2012 01:22
I placed the stations along an opponent's route I needed - but did not get credit in endgame. I don't think this is covered well in the rules and it would be helpful to see it in action on the iPad.
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Re:Tried stations on iPad- not getting it Tue, 03 January 2012 05:12
To place a Station, simply drag 1 card on the City (not Route) where you'd like your Station to be placed. At end game, the program will automatically determine which (opponent's) route should be claimed to give you the most points.

Note that if you try and place a 2nd (or 3rd) Station on the map, you must then use a color of card you drag that you have at least 2 (3) cards in.

And you cannot place a Station in a city that already contains a Station.

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