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iPad - Improvement suggestions Sat, 04 February 2012 09:13
Thanks for a great app that is really amusing to play. Having the feature of the online access to the DoW account was a 'must' that the iPhone version did not incorporate, even in the recent upgrade.

Having played already few online games, wish to discuss few things that are to my attention:

1. Opening a table: the host cannot see the potential opponent's score or ranking, but the name only. The app is enforcing excessive politeness too Laughing since it's not allowing the host to kick out players that do not understand that they're not welcome.
2. When opening a game it looks that the "other player starts first" comes built-in the code of the game, therefore the game host always starts with a disadvantage!
3. Too many animations, that should be optionally disabled from the settings (i.e.: when completing a ticket).
4. When checking my buddies details in the lobby, I only see number of games played and score, no ranking. Is it possible to ad this too?

Thanks DoW for reading this

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May 2012
Re:iPad - Improvement suggestions Thu, 03 May 2012 07:54
What he said.

Seriously, can I have my money back so that I can put it towards the mac app store version? I feel like the iPad is a dumbed down version. I would have rather paid more for the full features.

I'm only a 1390 player and I just played a 1750. That couldn't have been fun for either of us.

Half the time I click on a game in the public tab, it's a private game.

All of this is really unfortunate because the iPad is such a great form factor for the game. And I'm scared to buy the mac app store version because I don't know if it will be dumbed down as well.

Please help!!

Thanks for all of your hard work so far!

Edit: Looks like the mac app store game is exactly the same as the ipad version.


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Bill Brasky
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Re:iPad - Improvement suggestions Fri, 25 May 2012 10:22
1. Add user info to room where game begins (as opposed to merely in-game and in the lobby). It seems, at least to me, much more useful there so you could decide if you wanted to begin the game with that person (amongst other things). 

2. If you look at game titles, the two things people want are either (a) a minimum point total to get in or (b) "fast." Thus: (a) Allow users to create custom game rules (for example, minimum score to get in the game, minimum # tickets before going out); and (b) Add option for an in-game timer [similar to chess (either per turn or total game or both)].

3. Even if the timer is not being used, after a certain amount of time the bot should take over. Currently if someone doesn't/won't play their turn and I decide to leave, I am punished via karma points.

4. Furthermore, no one really cares about karma points in and of itself (only to choose whether to play a person or not), so there is no real disincentive to stalling or just quitting a game and the person who would have won is ultimately penalized (by not gaining points). So provide a real disincentive. An example would be losing actual points, not karma points. The main reason people quit is to not lose points, so if you make it where if they quit they do lose at least some points, then they may may not quit in the first place and instead stay and try to win. However, to not be to strict, perhaps not have that system kick in until a minimum of like 5 turns. 

5. Add tournaments. Online poker provides a good model (minus the gambling, of course). Each player could wage X amount of points, and 1st place would take the 66.6% and 33.3% to 2nd place (there are countless ways to set up point allocation).

6. You could also allow users to wage points won/lost in regular games, while keeping the current system as the default.

7. Be able to turn off chat.

8. Have the "it's your turn" alert reappear (after 30 seconds or so).

9. Either (a) Automate picking cards or (b) start with 45 random cards (like online Risk), or maybe 35 cards and the players decide from there. 

10. Be able to view games you are not playing in (essentially creating an audience). This would be especially appealing in tournaments so you could see how it turns out if you get knocked out. Because some may not like the idea, have it as an option that could be turned on or off by the game/tournament creator.
Olle Boll
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Re:iPad - Improvement suggestions Sun, 10 June 2012 17:34
I have been away from home for a month and have been playing mainly on an iPad.
works ok but there are some MAJOR disadvantages that needs to be fixed:

1. If you start a game, the other player always starts
2. extremely hard to see what colours the other player lays on grey
3. Haven't found out how to start a private game
4. No function to keep non-wanted viewers away I think

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