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February 2012
iPhone Freezing Fri, 24 February 2012 14:32
If I missed an open thread about this I apologize. The app is freezing my phone. It is not just that the game freezes, the phone does- I can not minimize the app or put my phone in its forced sleep state when this happens. This isn't even always an option. A few times the only way I have been able to close the active window of a frozen game is to power down and restart my phone.

This has happened a few times and these were all multiplayer matches. When this happened I first tried minimizing the app and then re-launching, but the problem would only repeat once I got back in the matches. In order to get into a playable turn I had to actually close the app (double click the bottom, make an X, and then close the app).

This just started happening, not sure why the app has run great up until recently. Also, if relevant, this is on a 3GS.

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Re:iPhone Freezing Fri, 24 February 2012 20:09
If you don't mind contacting us directly using this form, 8, it will help us track and hopefully fix your issue.

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