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Service with a smile Wed, 07 March 2012 14:13
Many thanks to Eric Hautemont for playing me this past week.

Eric allowed me the opportunity to get a DOW badge which I am more than happy to have. However, there was a bug in the software and the badge did not get awarded. I was dissapointed momentarily but knew that DOW stafff would fix it when they had time.
Guess what?
In the matter of two days, I not only have my DOW badge but also another badge that a bug had prevented me from receiving. I appreciate ALL that Eric and his staff do. Not only are they keeping a good product maintained, but they have taken the time to be personally involved with the users. What else could anyone ask for from a company.

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Re:Service with a smile Wed, 07 March 2012 17:49
I totally agree that the service from DOW is excellent. I have ordered from the website, and had things delivered very quickly, even though i am in the UK. The website, forums, online gaming and support are all excellent.The other users share advice and are very friendly. I would recommend DOW and their products to anyone.
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