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April 2012
TTR Pocket out of sync across devices Fri, 13 April 2012 18:10
Since I can't play Game Center async games with my iPhone friends from the iPad version (PLEASE fix that), I just installed TTR Pocket on my iPad (I have it installed on my iPhone too). However, I soon noticed that turns don't sync correctly between my iPad and my iPhone. If I do something on one device in a turn and then pick up the other device to play my next turn, it won't have the action I just took in it. So I'll be missing cards or a train I just placed will be missing.

This is very frustrating.
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May 2012
Re:TTR Pocket out of sync across devices Fri, 11 May 2012 16:41
I have been experiencing the same problem. I play ttr pocket on the iPad with several other people (we all have iPads but for whatever reason days of wonder hates its customers and don't release a long desired asynchronous version for the iPad, which we would all gladly pay for in a heartbeat... But I digress).

Recently we have noticed problems where one or more players are out of sync. A player will connect two cities but for some reason it does not show up to other player(s). Another player may then take that same connection because it appears open. But the original player sees their colored trains get replaced with the new trains...
Recently one of us actually completed a ticket, got the points, and then had them disappear after a different player took the connection. The second player never saw that connection occupied. We have not figured out where or how the 'mystery turn' is taking place yet.
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