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Drax Kramer

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August 2005
Nach Moskau Scenario - Blitz rules Sun, 10 June 2012 03:09
When my group played "Nach Moskau" scenario from the Breakthrough kit a question arose regarding the play of the Recon card by the Axis side.

We played the scenario with the special breakthrough card set available in the Winter War expansion. An Air Strike card specifies how both sides may roll two dice when performing an air strike.

Now, this scenario includes the blitz rules where Axis side may use the Recon card as an Air Strike card. However, blitz rules (that predate the Winter War expansion) specify that Axis player can roll only one die per strike.

So, how many dice should Axis player roll when he plays Recon card as an Air Strike card with Winter Wars set of cards and blitz rules, two or one? After some deliberation, we decided to roll one per strike.
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Re:Nach Moskau Scenario - Blitz rules Sun, 10 June 2012 07:55
Hello Drax Kramer,

When I created this scenario, it was before the Winter War expansion, so for me, there is no problem : use the original Blitz rules.
Now, it is possible to use the rules of the new Air Strike card from the breakthrough set of cards. You have just to agree with the other players before the game.

Yours, Smile

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Re:Nach Moskau Scenario - Blitz rules Sun, 10 June 2012 22:45
I would say one. Just thinking that bad weather makes the planes shoot worse. To simulate that, we roll one die.

But then again, rolling two is much more fun Very Happy
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