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Very Pleasant Surprise (Air Campaign - CB2) Sat, 16 June 2012 20:24
We'd previously completed all the other campaigns in CB2 - including the double grand breakthrough campaign. We'd saved the Air Campaign for last presuming it was a lot of chrome without much substance.

Well.. we were wrong. Played it. Did Frankforce, Luga Bridges, Red Barricades and then Rescued Il Duce.

The last one was worth the price of admission. Paratroop drop saw only 4 german troops on the board. The reduced card hand for the italians really evened the play out. Il Duce got released after Otto's unit got shot out from under him. After a 2 turn running battle, got the dictator to the northern hills and landed the Storch next to him. The last turn saw the remaining 2 german units eliminated, including Otto. Allies had 5 points. One die roll to shoot the Storch on the ground. It missed.

Germans take off with the dictator on board and win the game.

I am sure that there can be blow outs in this campaign due to the way the bonus points are earned. (First match scored 0 bonus points. Red Barricades scored 11 on top of the 10 earned from normal play.)

But, despite that potential, we REALLY enjoyed the campaign, especially the last battle. Low density, daring escape, each unit removed _hurt_!

Just a big surprise to us based on our expectations. Campaign ended 34 to 34. A very close campaign.
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Re:Very Pleasant Surprise (Air Campaign - CB2) Sat, 16 June 2012 21:17
Me and stevens played this campaign on vassal and he won it by a single point, so it looks balanced.

It was a fun challenge and a good way to utilize the air pack, but to me it didn't have the epic storytelling present in the other campaigns.

To me the situations were to varied to create the campaign narrative, with different nations and seasons, but playing it was very fun, and the Rescue of Mussolini scenario were indeed the best of the bunch.

Thanks to DOW for including the Air Aces in CB#2.
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