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January 2012
  Small World Realms: Scenarios Tue, 19 June 2012 23:27
In this thread I intend to post scenarios for Small World and Small World Underground. Several of them require Small World Realms to play but most of them will be fully playable with the original SW or SWU game. Each scenario with it's special thematic, rules and set-up will be described in a similar way as the scenarios in SWR. The scenarios will also be given an (arbitrary) level of complexity, based on set-up preparations and rule adjustments.

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January 2012
Re:Small World Scenarios Tue, 19 June 2012 23:28
Adjusted rules
Together with the unique rules of each scenario, I would also like to recommend a few adjustments of the original rules. These rules are intended to apply in all scenarios; some of them will otherwise be broken, but even in a standard set-up of the game I think these rules add a little extra tactical flavor. When it comes to the already existing race and special powers I have tried not to violate illustrations and the original concept, and I have of course strive to balance the mechanics and powers relative to the original rules.

Conquest rule (prohibition against emptying all your regions and reenter the map)
You must keep at least one region before start your conquest. In other words, it is not allowed to empty all your regions and reenter the map. The only time you may conduct a second first conquest (from the outboard and against one of the regions bordering the edge) is if you lose all your regions but still have tokens left.

Lost tribes (race progress: active -> in decline -> lost)
When an in decline race vanishes because the players active race enters in decline, each vanishing race tokens is replaced with a Lost tribe token.

Muster (gain race token when no conquest is performed)
When a player does not perform any conquest at all during a round, the active race may muster one race token and redeploy it along with the other. Tokens can only be received up to race limit, i.e. if any are available in the tray.

Tritons (can only hold water and coastal regions and score from them)
Tritons are made Seafaring and have a -1 token cost when conquering coastal regions. They may stay in the river and score from it. However, they must redeploy their tokens from all regions that are not marine or coastal during redeployment.

Skeletons (no power against immortal races)
Skeletons race power should read: For every two enemy tokens sent back to the tray, the skeletons gain one race token that may be redeployed after the conquest phase. Hence, the skeleton power does not produce new tokens from defeating immortal races such as Elves.

Shadow Mimes (empowered to imitating other races)
Don't swap special power in the beginning. Instead: During the game, the Shadow Mimes player may pay 1VC to another player to copy that player's active race power for one whole round. The power is imitated until the Shadow Mimes next turn.

Flames (can conquer volcano region but not cross water)
Same power as in the original rules with a few adjustments: Flames may conquer the volcano region itself. Consider it an empty mountain region. The volcano is immune to other races. Flames cannot cross the river nor conquer regions (unless Seafaring).

Halflings (enters the board through any two hill regions)
Halflings must enter the board through any two hill region and place their hole in the ground tokens there. These two regions must not be adjacent.

Martyr (bonus for token instead of region)
Each token lost is worth 1VC to the Martyr player. Balrog, special event or T&L cards may destroy 2 tokens in one conquest.

Corrupt (made weaken, but differentiated from Martyr)
When a region of a Corrupt race is conquered, the opponent player must replace one or more of his conquering tokens with victory coins. The coin(s) is given to the Corrupt race player. A minimum of one race token combined with additional VC is required.

Historian (scores for Lost tribes, not in decline races)
Get 1VC for each Lost tribe region adjacent to a Historian races region. Requires an implementation of the Lost tribe rule.

Magic (once, any power of choice)
Once, the Magic race may choose any active special- or racial power existing in the game set-up, not just on the board or in the race combo tableau, and uses that power for one whole round. The effect last until the Magic race's next turn starts and is then used up.

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January 2012
Re:Small World Scenarios Wed, 20 June 2012 00:25
The Dragon Lair
A fierce dragon roams through the caves in Small World, pillaging its regions and slaying their inhabitants. But, legends speak about great treasures and magic places to the people who dare to challenge the monster and explore the dungeons.

Number of players: Any
Map: SW or random SWR
Requirements: SWR (or Tunnel expansion)
Complexity: Medium

Use the tokens from the Tunnels expansion or SWR. Place three tunnel marker in three different cavern regions on the map with its number faced up. Then place one more tunnel token faced down in a fourth cave region. If there is not enough cavern regions, place one or more of the tunnel tokens in any region of choice. In the region with the face down tunnel marker, also place The Mine of the Lost dwarf (or 2 permanent victory coin if you don't have SWU) and the dragon marker. In the other regions with tunnel markers, place one permanent victory coin. The region with the Lost mine is The Dragon's Lair and this region is always worth 2 extra victory coins to anyone who dear to conquer it. The other three numbered cave regions are worth 1 extra victory coin.

Special rule
The dragon and the region presently hosting it is immune. Last in every round, after the last players turn, the dragon moves to one of the cavern region automatically conquers it. To determine which region, one of the players roll the reinforcement die. If the result is blank, the dragon moves (or stays) in its lair and protects the gold. If a number is rolled, the dragon moves to the region corresponding to the number rolled, automatically conquering it and sending one token (if any) to the tray. Use normal rules for the dragon from the Dragon Master power. When the dragon moves from its lair it will be unprotected for the next round(s), make it possibly for any player to conquer it. This dragon die roll is performed every round, after the last players move.

If a player picks a race combo with the Dragon Master power they immediately gain control over the dragon and play with the dragon according to the original rules. But, as soon as the Dragon Master race goes in decline, the dragon token is returned to the lair. Last in that round, and all following rounds, rolls the dragon die again according to the special rule.

If a cave region that is targeted for the dragons attack is made immune (by a heroic race for example), the dragon moves to the next cavern region with a following number. E.g. if the cave region number 1 is targeted and immune, the dragon moves to cave region number 2. If cave number 3 is targeted and immune, the dragon attacks cave number 1 instead. If all regions should be immune, the dragon stay where it is.

You may use the balrog instead of the dragon or use the volcano as the "threat". Use the same principles with a monster die roll in the end of each round. When using an unpredictable and constantly erupting volcano, place the tunnel markers in different mountain regions and swap the volcano token and the rolled mountain token and its tunnel number each time a eruption occurs.

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January 2012
Re:Small World Scenarios Wed, 20 June 2012 14:43
Flourishing farmland
A great battle over the lucrative farmlands is upon Small World. The fields produce a lot of valuable crops, but at the same time the swamp regions have totally lost their resources. The breach between the rich farmers and the poor peasants, literally, living in the mud is getting deeper...

Number of players: Any
Map: SW or random SWR
Requirements: SWR
Complexity: Medium

Remove the Humans from the available races. Place one human token in each farmland region. These token is considered as "monsters" or as inactive race tokens. They are not affected by powers normally used against active (nor in decline) races. Also, place The Old Mill (Popular place token from SMR) along with two human tokens in any non-swamp, non-farmland region.

Special rules
Any race occupying a farmland may try to cultivate the fields. Cultivating crops works just like the Leprechaun race power: Put a victory coin on the field after scoring. If the player still holds the region when his next turn starts, the coin is "harvested" and goes to the player. However, if the region is conquered before the next turn the bonus coin goes to the conquerors. The farmland rule requires an implementation of the adjusted Halfling race power.

The Old Mill is not worth anything in itself, but it doubles the income from every farmland harvest. So, if you hold the Old Mill region, and successfully harvest from two farmland you get four bonus VC.

Unfortunately the waste swamps is not very prosperous the most races. No resources are to be found there. Hence, swamp regions are worth nothing to active races without special powers applying to swamp, mud or amount of region regardless of type. Only people that has lived very long in the swamps may found something of value in the marsh. Therefore in decline races will score from them as normal.

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April 2013
Re:Small World Scenarios Mon, 29 April 2013 10:17
Thread is empty for nearly half a year, let me dig it up Twisted Evil


Flourishing farmland - I liked the idea.
- If swamps does not make profit, it will be best to remove races that prefer swamps. For example, mudmen from DWU, if someone uses them in DW.
- Your idea is based on "every terrain type have it's own rules". It can be made wider in many directions.
For example, one of the mountains has rusty throne. Every race should use +1 token to conquer mountains, except for the race, controlling rusty throne. Or another verison, more playable: if you possess rusty throne, you can conquer mountains with one less token... and maybe your Active race have +1 def while in mountains.
- Forests spawn fairies at the beginning of every even turn (2, 4, 6, Cool. They spawn them only in free forest regions. Die used as 0 and 1 = 1 fairy, 2 on die = 2 fairies, 3 = 3 fairies. And some more twist for enjoying: when a player conquers a forest with some fairies, he gets 1 token of his race to use, and if there are 2 and more fairies, he get a Victory coin for every fairy after first (so, 1 fairy = 1 additional token, 2 fairies = 1 token and 1 coin, 3 fairies = 1 token and 2 coins...).
- Every odd turn a scull relic (from Realms) appears in one of free hill regions. It has 3 lost tribe defenders (or it becomes 4, if there was a lost tribe already). Any uninhabited adjacent region gets one lost tribe token (if there is already a lost tribe in this region, it just adds). After even turn on the next odd turn this skull disappears, taking 2 (not 3) lost tribe tokens "with him", and evolves in a new place. If someone conquers the skull, he may use him as a relic, once per turn, to make a lost tribe in a free adjacent region (to slow down opponent's expansion). Once the skull is conquered, it does not disappear and stays as domestic relic 'till the end of the game. How to choose regions for evolving: name 1st region, number others clockwise of you prefer two, use 6-dice (long to explain, but easy to do).

The Dragon Lair - all game will be about the Dragon. It is so-so. But still some comments:
- Dragon power should be removed. It's the best decision here.
- It is better that the dragon works as troll socks (relic). Does not kill anyone, just forcing to flee.
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