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June 2012
3 questions Thu, 28 June 2012 14:01
i just bought the game and played a lot with my friends and we got some questions

can someone explain me the logic with flying sorcers ? why can they enter the board flipping a token and a non flying sorcuers cant ?

do i must use all my token to conquer or can i just conquer 1 space and reinforce that with all my tokens ?

indeclined ghouls work like an active race, does that count also when they die ? i mean do i get all my ghouls to my hand but one if someone attacks me ?

ty Smile
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January 2011
Re:3 questions Sun, 01 July 2012 10:36
1. Sorcerers' power can only be used on adjacent territories. When you start with nonflying Sorcerers, no region is adjacent to any of your regions, because you haven't claimed any territory yet.

Concerning Flying Sorcerers, even if you haven't conquered any region, all territories are considered adjacent to where you are thanks to your Special Power. That is why it works that way...

2. You can do as you wish: you don't have to use all of your tokens for conquest if you don't want to (though in most cases I would advise you to do so, to earn more coins).

3. If someone attacks your in-decline Ghouls, you get all your tokens back to your hand but one, that's right.

Have fun!
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