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July 2012
  Errata for realms? Tritons and seafaring Sun, 01 July 2012 15:02
I just bought SWU and SWR (realms) after have played all the other expansion for a while.
In both SWU and SWR the are so called rives that does not exist in SW.

When playing I realist that in many cases (1, 2, 3 and 4 map in SWR) the tritons ether if you don't get there special power they are worth-less and if you get it they almost got over power.

and In the SW the Seafaring power is seas and lakes (Because the rivers didn't existed when it was made)

So my questions is:
How to balance the tritons? remove them when playing SWR?
Does seafaring works on Rives?

P.S Realms is the Best expansion of all. Totally and definitely worth every penny.
and sorry for spelling mistakes.
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January 2011
Re:Errata for realms? Tritons and seafaring Wed, 04 July 2012 18:38
You don't have to balance the Tritons: in Small World, there will always be races that seem overpowered, and others that seem weak according to the situation. But anyway, this game tends to balance itself, so no need to create home rules.
For example, if someone plays Tritons and looks overpowered during a game session, he will certainly be heavily attacked by the other players (or at least he should be!).

And for your second question, the answer is yes, the Seafaring power works on Rivers (there are compatibility rules explaining this in the SWU rulebook, you should check them for clarifications).
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