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Power Plants Tue, 14 August 2012 13:11

I'm looking for a scenario in where the Power Plant landmark and its special rules are in force, as stated in the TP manual. Does anybody know any scenario implementing this?

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Re:Power Plants Wed, 15 August 2012 23:55
I think you mean Sabotage rules, which aren't specific to Power Plants. There are several official scenarios with Sabotage rules, one in the TP and I think at least one in Campaign Book #1 at start of Fall Gelb campaign. There are several that deal with blowing up bridges, essentially sabotage rules.

However, if you really have your heart set on Power Plants, I created a Dieppe scenario a while back that included sabotage of key targets in the actual raid, one of which was the power plant (others are factory and coastal battery). My scenarios haven't been updated for new rules (basically since TP) and they are complex.


I also have a Green Beach scenario and Orange Beach scenario that include sabotage of other actual targets in the Dieppe raid.

Green beach includes sabotage of radar station (you have to sabotage the station and carry the electronics to the beach), and capture of the farm etc.:


Orange beach includes sabotage of the lighthouse (battery observation post), ammo dump, and destruction (capture) of Hess battery.

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