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September 2008
How to identify the individual winner Sat, 01 September 2012 16:53
Hi All

I am laying on an overlord game at a club but want to add a bit to the game.

Rather than identify the winning side - in this case the first to 12 medals, simples, how do I identify the winning general.

I thought taking a medal = x points, taking a single figure/tank/artillery = Y points.

I had the situation (not in a M44 game) last night where I had caused most of the casualties to an 88mm gun crew, when a team mate on his go, killed the remaining crew member and scored the victory points. As it happens it would not have helped me win - just the principle.

Be please to have some ideas thrown at me.

Many thanks

Achtung Panzer
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December 2007
Re:How to identify the individual winner Sat, 01 September 2012 18:43
Easy - the winner is always the C-in-C. Pulling rank dear boy!

If you do allocate points I think taking / holding / achieving objectives should have more weight than destroying units, perhaps 2:1? And destroying models = 0 points.

[Updated on: Sat, 01 September 2012 18:44]

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October 2006
Re:How to identify the individual winner Sun, 02 September 2012 17:15
When at conventions, I usually award the winning OL team. One great award is a framed copy of awards that Rasmussen made, available here; http://www.daysofwonder.com/uploads/userpages/362174/_765.pd f. He has Allied and Axis specific examples on his user page.

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