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Can I use the extra roadmove to exit through the exit hex? Sun, 16 September 2012 11:48
I think this has been answered earlier, but I can't remember if and how it was ruled, nor could I find it with a search.

If I play BEL and the unit moves 3 hexes on the road, removes a wire(instead of battling) and then moves 3 hexes further along the road and then ends up on the exit hex.(which is on the road)

Can I use the extra roadmove granted by staying on the road the whole turn to exit the board?

Sxcenario was Winterfight at Kumho from Equipment Pack
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Re:Can I use the extra roadmove to exit through the exit hex? Sun, 16 September 2012 12:32
The extra hex of movement is simply movement...so there are no limitations on what the move can be used for. As long as you stayed on the road and got that extra hex, you can use it to exit the board. Cool

I'll have to double check with the FAQ (or the FAQ thread) but I believe that a unit with BEL can actually move a total of 9 hexes if it stays on the road the whole time...3 hexes +1 on the road (4 hexes), battle and Take Ground (1 hex), 3 hexes +1 on the road (4 hexes). That would have to be an ideal situation with a very long, very empty road...but if it ever came up that would be possible. Smile

EDIT: I just looked it up on the FAQ thread. You can indeed move a total of 9 hexes using BEL on a long road if the stars line up for that perfect situation. Very Happy

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Re:Can I use the extra roadmove to exit through the exit hex? Mon, 17 September 2012 22:03
I saw this discussion thread, BEL and Road bonus, but didn't see a ruling there or in FAQ thread.

Please note that for people who played the Online game 1000x, that implementation is the official rules, even when wrong (remember Ambush from Ocean?). You asked how the implementation worked for BEL on roads; I tested it once, and today I got to move 4 then shoot, then move 3. (EDIT:) I moved 4 on road, battled, Took Ground on road, then could move up to 3 more on or off road. (/EDIT)

I have rules all over the place: FAQ, FAQ Supplement, reference cards, Online implementation, notes for official rulings in discussion threads, and my memory for how I've played in the past. Now there's more rules and changes in Equipment Pack .pdf file (Big Guns/Destroyer, and Smoke Screens). ARGH!

The sooner we get the new FAQ, then reference cards and Online fixes (I'll believe that when I see it) can fall into place.

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