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Remembrance day. Thu, 08 November 2012 18:13
Hi All.

Its me again with some facts about Remembrance day over here in Belgium.

Did you know we have a combined 762 WW1 or WW2 war cemeterys over here!

63 cemeterys of them have over a 1000 falen soldiers!

In total we have about 405 000 falen soldiers of those 2 wars!
All Belgiums war cemeterys. tsen_in_Belgi%C3%AB

Every day in Ypres since 1927 we have a last post at 20:00H

Every year when digging foundations for new buildings they still find dead soldiers buried by explosions in those 2 wars.
They all get buried again by the war graves commission.

Needless to say they find every year thousand's of bullets, bombs and other stuff.

A special army unit has still for over a 100 years work to dismantle dangerous gasbombs and other stuff.
In the year 2011 alone at the region of West flanders (Ypres) they found 140 Tons ammunition and 40 more tons of it in the rest of Belgium.

They all will be remembered at November 11th.

We may have a small country but we don't forget the big effort those man made for our freedom.

God bless them all.


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Re:Remembrance day. Thu, 08 November 2012 19:44
Merci mon ami.

Yes I had two of your countrywomen visiting us today to remember.
Every day here is Remembrance Day.

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Re:Remembrance day. Fri, 09 November 2012 04:03
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