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Ipad version suggestions Sat, 08 December 2012 22:16
In order of importance:

1. Show the scores beside players' names in the 'Join Game' slide-out ticket that comes up when clicking on the game, same to what is already done when you join the game.

Faster and useful to avoid situations when you join the game to check the ratings, these are low and the owner starts before you can exit.

2. Allow owner to kick the others from his/her game, with a message. Just pop up a window with a textbox and 'Kick' button on clicking on players' avatars while waiting for the game to start. The kicked person sees a popup box with a message when landing back in the lobby.

3. Allow inviting multiple players to private game. Put a checkbox against players' names in the lobby and buddies lists. Move the invite button there too. That way a player can select all the people he wants and invite them in one go.

4. Show your own messages in the messages list.

5. Allow private messaging in the lobby. Put a 'Message' button instead of 'Invite' on slideout ticket (invites are changed as per 3.) Message shows up in the messages list on the side, say, in red, prefixed by the other guy's name and rings a bell. The other guy sees it also in red.

Clicking on private message can popup a textbox for responding (instead of that useless message that a person is 'at the table, ready to play'). Responses will also go back to the messages list. You could also have different colours for different people you are having conversation with.

That way people can ask if they want to play privately, or just agree to play and start a public game without wondering if there are other people waiting.

Private messaging in the game is not important, because it is cumbersome on tablets and slows the game down. But it could be easily implemented by adding a 'Message' button on tickets that slide out when clicking on avatars.
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