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November 2011
Heart of Africa rules Fri, 28 December 2012 15:39
Can someone please help me understand the new rule for Africa under section 'Madagascar; other countries' please?

I've read it several times, including in French, and I just don't get this bit:

"Multiple routes leading to all other countries are dead-ends and cannot be used to connect cities linked to these separate routes. In other words, separate routes leading into a same country are not connected with each other."

What!?! Someone please help!

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Re:Heart of Africa rules Sun, 30 December 2012 08:08
I think it basically means that if you enter a country on one side, you have to maintain a continuous track or your routes are not connected. So if you get your trains into one side of Madagascar, and then get your trains leaving Madagascar, it doesn't mean that your track is continuous. If your trains aren't connected on the mainland of Africa, your trains aren't connected! Instead, the two cities act as "dead ends" for your routes and need to be connected somewhere else.

I hope this helps! Cool

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October 2010
Re:Heart of Africa rules Sun, 30 December 2012 15:47
They're trying to say that the two routes leading into Nigeria (or Chad, or Sudan) do not connect to each other; in other words, you cannot "pass through" any of those countries. This is analogous to the way France, Italy, Germany, and Austria work in TTR: Switzerland.
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November 2011
Re:Heart of Africa rules Sun, 30 December 2012 17:33
I get it!

I hadn't looked closely enough to realize there were separate routes into the countries.

Thanks both
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January 2013
Re:Heart of Africa rules Tue, 01 January 2013 17:55
Exactly. This is clearly written in Danish. I think, almost all other languages has it wrongly. Confused
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